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14 Foot Great Auk

This boat is a shortened version of the standard Great Auk. It is recreational kayak well suited to sheltered lakes and harbors where you may occasionally encounter moderate winds and modest waves. The relatively short length allows it to maneuver easily in tight streams and estuaries.

This is the ideal boat for exploring sheltered lakes and ponds and poking around sheltered bays. It is short enough to be easy to handle on and off the water while having enough length to be efficient paddling modest distances. While not intended for rough water, it has enough stability to handle waves and enough length that it can still move if the wind picks up. While not a requirement, this design is well suited for mounting a rudder.

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14 Great Auk Kayak Plans

14 Foot Great Auk Kayak Plans
Wooden Recreational Kayakcedar strip kayak

Full sized kayak plans to build your own wood 14 Foot Great Auk Recreational Kayak. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built kayak.

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