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10 Foot Little Auk

This little boat is designed for someone who wants a light, easy to handle Recreational Kayak of distinctive character. Its small size makes it easy to put on the roof of a car or on deck of yacht and transport it to explore your favorite lake or harbor. Once there, you will be able to gunkhole into places inaccessible by any other boat. Its stability assures that it is not an adventure just sitting in her. I also have made an 11 ft long version of this boat for a customer who wanted something slightly longer. The 10 foot long version is best suited to people who need a truly small boat.

The plans include the lines for both versions.

Purchase Boat Plans: 

Little Auk Kayak Plans

Little Auk Kayak Plans
Jean Yves Drouet - Little Auk

Full sized kayak plans to build your own wood Little Auk Kayak. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build the 10 foot or 11 foot kayak.


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