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Geoff Morbey - Expedition Single Awaiting a Paddler

Geoff Morbey - Expedition Single Awaiting a Paddler


Well, almost 3.5 years (approximately 350 hours), the Guillemot Expedition Single is finally finished. I've attached a photo showing kayak fully outfitted with final weight of 46lbs shown on shores of Deep Cove just outside of Vancouver BC. Kayak is made from western red cedar with trim, bow and stern edging made from gary oak, both of which were found in our own backyard and cut specifically for this project. The decal on the deck is my own adaption of the Haida Gwaii's (Queen Charlotte Island's) sea otter with an urchin on its belly. The same logo is on each blade of the paddle (Walden Kayak) with the statement, "gudangáay sk’áawulaa cha'án" which is "be at peace with water" in Haida. I sanded off Walden's name and refinished with the logo. All rigging and seat was purchased from Newfound Woodworks and Mountain Equipment Co-op here in Vancouver. I used West System epoxy over 4oz and 6oz bias cloth, layered as per your book and varnished with qty(7) coats Z-Spar Flagship. The hatches are flush mount and I used the piece cut for the cockpit to make the hip plates.Total cost is about $1750 Cdn, of which more than half was devoted to fibreglass and varnish materials.

This project, although frustrating at times was worth it. There is no way I could have a kayak of this quality for the price I eventually paid. It just glides effortlessly through the water, tracks straight as an arrow and is completely silent. There is virtually no drag and it is very stable. It pretty much turns on a dime with the proper lean and right paddle stroke. The kayak just draws attention everywhere it goes.

Thanks for the experience!

Geoff Morbey

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