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John Welch - S&G Guillemot Wife Likes it

John Welch - S&G Guillemot Wife Likes it

Hi Nick,

Here are the pics - I took a lot through the whole process - I have much
higher resolution versions if you are interested, I didn't want to bomb your
mailbox with huge files.

I enjoyed building the kayak - a process that was greatly aided with the
insights from your site - My curiosity was first caught by the photo journal
on Pete Notman's site there are
some great links and ideas here - you probably know.

I found building fairly simple - but I started my working life as a
Plater/Boilersmith - so working complex shapes from sheet was like a trip
back in time.

I am very interested in building the "Night Heron" next, In fact after
building such a nice boat from 'free' plans I kinda feel obliged to! ;-)
Wife gets the Guillemot, I build the Heron to get us out there then I can
start on building a version over a shaped foam blank - this would be easier
than S&G? - straight away the shape would be easier to get right and you've
got ready made bulkheads !

I would like to try a hybrid - Carbon, divinicell (pvc) and veneer with a
very light glass on top - it would look like strip building but cheating !

I have a personal GPS that I use mainly for my windsurfing (speed/slalom) it
indicates that I can easily maintain 4.5knots and over 5 If I put the
pressure on. I had a burst of 7.2 racing a single skull - but I blew up and
he kicked my butt :-) ! Did a trip of 12NM on my second run out - easy !

Thanks once again

John welch


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