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  • Guillemot


    Sleek upswept ends, moderately soft chines, shallow "V" bottom.

  • Night Heron

    Night Heron

    Up swept ends and moderately hard chines.

  • Bootlegger


    Efficient designs with classic lines

  • Nymph Canoe

    Nymph Canoe

    Traditional woodstrip canoes with elegant tumblehome

  • Great Auk

    Great Auk

    Plumb bow and stern with soft chines and rounded bottom

  • Jupiter Point Series

    Jupiter Point Series

    Simple, easy to construct boats that are fun on the water.

  • Other


    Other designs, including non kayaks.

  • Drawing Board

    Drawing Board

    New designs, and ideas still under development

  • Strip Built

    Strip Built

    Thin strips of wood covered with fiberglass

  • Stitch and Glue

    Stitch and Glue

    Plywood covered with Fiberglass

  • Hybrid


    Combination of Strip-Built and Stitch-and-Glue

  • Skin on Frame

    For Future Reference: A method of boatbuilding involving covering a wood frame with fabric skin

  • Sea Kayak

    Sea Kayak

    Solo kayaks for open water, lakes and the ocean

  • Recreational Kayak

    Recreational Kayak

    Small solo kayaks suitable for sheltered water, ponds, calm rivers and lakes.

  • Canoes


    Traditional woodstrip open canoe designs

  • Row Boat

    Row Boat

    Boat powered by oars instead of paddles

  • Surf Kayak

    Surf Kayak

    Kayaks specifically designed to play in breaking surf.

  • Tandem


    Kayaks built for two paddlers.

  • Racing


    Boats designed for Racing

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