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Martin Frylinck - Guillemot

Martin Frylinck - Guillemot

I live in Fish Hoek, near Cape Town, South Africe.

I came across a strip built Guillemot rather badly built using local Pine. The boat was extremely heavy but I loved the lines and as the owner still had the strongback he let me have it.

So started my strip building endevours and I am now hooked.

I built my Guillemot out of Merranti, a local South African wood and used Ebox for the white strips.

I am totally sold on my boat and have been in winds of up to 30 knots and of course waves that go with those winds. The stability is incredible so much so that I have sold my 2 glass fibre boats.

My only drawback with the Guillemot is that it bounces when going into swells and small waves. This is fortunately offset by its ability to get on the plain quickly when riding down swells and waves.

I thought that increasing the length and altering the bow to cut into the oncomming waves better and stern(for a rudder - essential in our windy conditions) I added on 880cm to the strong back a mid ships by duplicating the middle rib.


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