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Expedition Single

Guillemot Expedition Single: With the same cross section and similar profile shape as the Guillemot, the Expedition Single has many of the same handling characteristics as the shorter Guillemot. The length of the Expedition Single provides volume for gear and efficient long distance paddling. Although this kayak may appear long for a single, it is not unwieldy in handling. With a moderately hard chine to help it carve a turn, it is very responsive. Like all the Guillemot designs it is stable for its width and has a smooth transition from initial to final stability. Novices are comfortable with its stability, and experienced paddlers are impressed with its performance. I am very pleased with this design. Everyone who has tried this boat is amazed at how easily it handles. It does not feel like a 19 ft boat.

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Expedition Single Kayak Plans

Expedition Single Kayak Plans
Expedition Single touring sea kayakPeter Wortman's Expedition Single Sea Kayak

Full sized kayak plans to build your own wood Expedition Single Sea Kayak. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built sea kayak.

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