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Guillemot Double

This design is an adaptation of my successful Guillemot designs to a double. It is a roomy, stable and comfortable boat. I drew the stern to easily accept a rudder but it is not required. The cockpits are quite far apart, permitting the paddlers to be out of sync. There is room for a hatch between the cockpits. This is a good two person kayak for beginner to intermediate paddlers. More experienced paddlers who want a tandem should look at the Great Auk Double or Fast Double.

The large, deep cockpits make this boat very comfortable and secure feeling. It has good volume for a dry ride and room to move your legs around. There is plenty of capacity for multi-day trips especially if you install a center hatch.

This is one of the boats described in my book. In the book you will fin all the information required to build this boat. Purchasing the plans will eliminate the need to loft out the forms.

Purchase Boat Plans: 

Guillemot "Double" Tandem Kayak Plans

Guillemot "Double" Kayak Plans
Guillemot Double KayakGuillemot Double

Full sized kayak plans to build your own wood Guillemot "Double" tandem sea kayak. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a tandem sea kayak.

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