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Noank is a village on the coast of Fishers Island Sound in Connecticut with a long tradition of boat building. I first visited Noank as a young child to go sailing on my uncle's hand built wooden sloop. At that time there were still hulks of wooden schooners moldering into the shore front. Now Noank is best known as the location of a restaurant offering a fantastic hot lobster roll, just hot lobster, melted butter and a toasted bun. What better way to earn those calories than to row up to the restaurant dock in a beautiful wooden pulling boat.

The Noank Pulling Boat grew out of my desire for a fast, efficient rowing boat that could handle the chop of Fishers Island Sound. I wanted something elegant and easily driven. The Noank offers two roomy storage compartments in the ends that offer plenty of reserve buoyancy or capacity to load up for a extended tour camping on islands.

Strip building offers a great way to make a light weight hull with an efficient shape in the water. I opted to rig it with the Piantedosi Row-Wing drop-in unit as a well engineered, reliable system instead of expecting DIY builders to to successfully build the equivalent by hand and still achieve the requisite stiffness and solid construction.

Noank Pulling Boat on the Water:

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Noank Pulling Boat Plans

Plans to build your own strip planked open water rowing boat
Sliding seat rowing for calm or rough waterA beautiful sliding seat rowing boat for DIY boat buildersSleek and stable work out with the Noank Pulling BoatOver 130 page building manual to get you through the project.


Full size plans for the Noank Pulling Boat a strip-built, sliding seat, open water, rowing boat.

The Noank Pulling Boat is an 18' x 36" [5.5m x 91cm] sliding seat rowing boat suitable for open water travel. It has two large flotation chambers that can store a massive amount of gear if you should wish to go for an expedition. 

This is an efficient boat with nice glide, secure in rough water and a joy to row.

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