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There is a nice surf break near me in Matunuck, Rhode Island. It may not match up to Mavericks, but late winter swells roll in for some really sweet rides. This inspired me to develop a wooden surf kayak so I could go out there and feel the wave energy lift me up and propel me along the break. I will admit the boat is better than I am. Many have been the times I was certain I was in for a thrashing, but my little Matunuck surf kayak just squirted out along the wave like a watermelon seed out of the mouth of a picnicker.

The Matunuck has a hard rail with a round or thumb tail. The nose has a fair amount of rocker with a relatively flatter midsection and just a little bit of tail kick. The plywood bottom is fairly flat across with a bit of a channel at the bow. The result is fast with a good ability to hold an edge and carve the wave face.

The stern is created by wrapping plywood into a dramatic duck-tail, which not only holds a wave nicely, but is spectacular to behold. I installed fins on my prototype in a tri-fin configuration, but you can install standard finboxes in the plywood in pattern suitable to your local conditions. While there is a passing resemblance to a white water play boat, this design is intended for ocean surf.

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Matunuck Surf Kayak Plans

Full Sized plans to build the Matunuck Surf Kayak design
Rob's Matunuck surf kayakMatunuck Surf Kayak

Full sized kayak plans to build your own wood Matunuck surf kayak. These full size plans include patterns for all the plywood panels and forms needed to build a stitch and glue surf kayak.

These plans are created by Chesapeake Light Craft based on my design. The plans include instructions published by Chesapeake Light Craft.

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