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William Short - Guillemot

William Short - Guillemot

Most of the boat is western red cedar, with color-matched strips on opposite sides. The after deck and hull are entirely red cedar. The pattern on the foredeck is mohagany (the arrowhead and shaft), outlined in white cedar that sweeps around the cockpit and meets on top of the stern, with various shades of red cedar to set if off.

The cockpit is slightly modified from the plans. You can see it's squared off, and there is a flat area of the deck just in front. This is designed to accomodate a map or chart (but if I decide to do that it will have bungees added to hold it in place) for hands-free navigation. It also looks cool.

I'd be honored to have it added to your site. It sure has been a fun project and an even more fun boat!



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